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The pure tenacity spirit-

Baptiste Gossein is a French windsurfer who is a constant thrill-seeker looking for the maximum adrenalin rush. But this was to cost him dear in 2009, when he fell badly whilst shooting a wave windsurfing at Teahupoo in Hawaii, breaking his spine at his lower back.

Never give in, never give up hope and keep your enthusiasm,” is his motto that keeps him motivated even today as he continues to surprise us with his upcoming exploits.

Since then, Baptiste has set up a Surf Camp in Tahiti and now puts all his energy into his rehabilitation and preparing for new kayaking and boating adventures. Sam Pricket, Raimana Van Bastoller and the photographer Ben Thouard are all on hand to help him with these new challenges. He aims to get into kayaking and diving, working on his recovery and sharing his passion for the ocean with us.



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Event - 02.26.2013

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