Matt Meola-

06.07.1989 - USA, Hawaii 1362501542_hawaii

big wave riding - Surfing

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Favorite spot : Jaws, Ho' okipa


free surfer and big wave rider-

Whilst the 2010 film Innersection proved him to be one of today’s most innovative and high-flying surfers, Matt also excels in strong paddling or tow-in surfing, particularly at the Jaws spot in Hawaii.

“Matt Meola rides the waves of the future with his surfing technique. He has the rare combination of being an exceptional young man with even more exceptional surfing skills. My heart skips a beat every time I watch him surf”. This testimony by the legendary surfer Jerry Lopez during an interview about the new generation says a lot about Matt’s abilities both in and out of the water.

When not competing, Matt is above all a freesurfer, travelling the world to bring back ever more impressive images.


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Event - 02.26.2013

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